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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Give Love

"Give Love" - my new favorite yogi music is by MC Yogi and is just so HAPPY!   The artists' music style is a little hip-hop/reggae/Bollywood/dub style.   I downloaded several of his songs from FreeGal Music via the Bentonville Public Library website (free and legal!!).   I do still love music by Snatam Kaur for listening to during my practice, but it's always nice to have a variety of music on hand for whatever mood hits ya.

Monday's yoga class in Cutchoque, NY was my last session with Wendy.  She will not be back until May and by then I'll be back in Arkansas.  During her class, as part of our initial relaxation and focusing, she had us roll our blankets into a tootsie roll shape and then we lay on top of the rolled mat, vertically, placing one end of the mat at the base of our spine and the other at our head.  Then we simply let our arms hang at our sides allowing gravity to open up our chest, allowing our shoulder blades to come towards each other.  This was a wonderful feeling!  After a few moments in this pose, we drew our knees to our chest and rocked gently back and forth while trying to stay on top of the rolled mat. Very nice stretch!

Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather finally warmed up enough to take our Grandson hiking at several nature preserve areas on Long Island and Block Island.  It's a challenge these days to get kids away from their "electronics", and so important to do so, I feel.  He enjoyed the hikes, and we enjoyed watching him being an almost 10-year old boy throwing rocks and using sticks as swords, etc. as boys will do.

Finally, my review of "The Dog Stars" by Peter Heller.  When I started the book, I thought "Oh, this is going to be dark and depressing like "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy".  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it much more hopeful and contemplative all-in-all.  Some reviewers don't like the writers style in this book - it is choppy, often lacking punctuation.  I found the style to be fitting given  what the narrator, Hig, has been through.  It is scary to consider some of the events in the story that led to the apocalyptic end - to think about the damage humankind is even now causing the earth.  Could we actually come to this?  What's also amazing to me is that the vast majority of people just don't care...they continue to over consume and pollute.  The best parts of this book are the relationships - how they develop and change, and the love and compassion that is still there in the end.  I definitely recommend this book.


"Love One Another as Christ Loves Us" - John 13:34-35
"Only love can cure hatred, hatred never cured hatred."  - Buddha

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