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Yoga Teaching Schedule Updated 7/15/17

Updated 7/15/17

Regularly scheduled classes:

Mon/Wed 8:30 am - "Yoga for Every Body", Studio C (upstairs)
Tues/Thurs 5:30 pm - "Yoga for Every Body", Studio B (downstairs)
Saturday 10 am - "Yoga for Every Body", Studio C (upstairs)

Bring your yoga mat, a strap, a block, and even a yoga blanket if you want.  If you don't have a yoga mat, don't worry, the Jones Center has several mats, blocks, straps and blankets for you to borrow.  

Peace and Namaste'!

Mon, 7/17:  8:30a - Carrie
Tue, 7/18:  5:30p - Carrie
Wed, 7/19:  8:30a - Carrie (note:  today only Studio A)
Thu, 7/20:  5:30p - Carrie
Sat, 7/22:  10a - April Subbing
Mon, 7/24:  8:30a - Carrie
Tue, 7/25:  5:30p - Carrie
Wed, 7/26:  8:30a - Carrie
Thur, 7/27:  5:30p - Kristen Subbing
Sat, 7/29:  10a - Kristen
Mon, 7/31:  8:30a - Carrie
Tue, 8/1:  5:30p - Carrie
Wed, 8/2:  8:30a - Carrie
Thur, 8/3:  5:30p - Carrie
Sat, 8/5:  10a - Kristen

Jones Center Studio A

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