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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Sunny Day for Hiking

Today was another gorgeous day!  After lunch, we headed out to Dam Pond Maritime Preserve, in East Marion, NY.  Known as a popular birding location, it has a couple of fairly short hiking/walking trails where one can see a variety of vegetation.

Upon entering the trail, we saw a lot of beautiful blooming Forsythia bushes.  At one point, I could hear one of my most favorite sounds - the haunting sound of wind blowing through pine tree needles.  Whenever I hear this distinct sound, I always feel Mom is saying hello to me.
Other sights in this preserve included a view of the salt pond, the Orient Causeway and an Osprey nest.  After this, we went on to Orient Point State Park at the very end of the North Fork of Long Island.  It was a great day!

Dam Pond Maritime Preserve

Osprey Nest - Dam Pond Maritime Preserve

Dam Pond Maritime Preserve 
Dam Pond Maritime Preserve

Dam Pond Maritime Preserve

Dam Pond Maritime Preserve

Orient Point State Park

Orient Point State Park - "Comfort Station" - LOL!

Orient Point State Park

Orient Point State Park

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Laurel Lake Preserve Hike

This year marks our third annual Spring trip to Long Island.  Since gaining a delightful, fun-loving daughter-in-law who is a native Long Islander, we have tried to visit the area several times a year.   Our April visit usually coincides with our grandson's Spring Break.  We dearly love the vineyards and countryside of Long Island's North Fork, specifically the Greenport, Southold, and Cutchogue area!

The weather seems to be warmer for mid- to late- April from what we remember in past years.  Today was supposed to be sunny and close to 64 degrees.  That means that I wanted to get out and do some hiking!!

After "Googling" for some ideas, we decided to visit Laurel Lake Preserve today.  This preserve is located in Mattituck, NY.
  • Laurel Lake is a 30-acre freshwater kettle hole that was formed more than 10,000 years ago.  The lake is over 45 feet deep, maybe as deep as 70 feet in some places. It is home to a diverse fish population including bass, pickerel, and perch.  
  • Preserved land in the Laurel Lake area encompasses 480+ acres.  The trailhead is on a 31-acre site.

It was a perfect day for a walk!  Even though it seemed we were far away from civilization in the woods, we could still here the highway noise in some places.  At one place we even heard the LIR (train) go by.  

Here are some pictures from our walk: